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Welcome to the Minutemen Team!
Meet Your Teachers:
ELA - Ms. DeFranco
Science - Mrs. Gillette
Math - Ms. Purcell
Social Studies/ELA Tutorial - Ms. Kelley
Social Studies/Math Tutorial - Mr. Smith
Inclusion Interventionist - Ms. Abad
  • Math Class with Ms. Purcell!
    Math Class with Ms. Purcell!
    This week we are working with Ratio Tables and we are learning how to graph them

  • Homework
    Homework is given on Mondays and is not due until Fridays!
    We review homework from the night before at the beginning of class and students are encouraged to correct their work and update any missing/incorrect answers.

    Homework club is after school on Mondays and Wednesdays with Ms. Kelley and Mrs. DeFranco, and students are encouraged to attend!
ELA Tutorial
Hello parents! In ELA Tutorial we just started reading the novel "Freak the Mighty". It is a fiction book about two middle school boys who encounter typical seventh grade issues together. The book is written in a humorous tone. The students seem to really enjoy it so far! We also started group stations in the room where they will work on different skills and strategies to improve reading and comprehension strategies.
Since this is a tutorial class, I will have your child every other term, the off term your child will have math tutorial class.
I look forward to a successful year!!
Mrs. Kelley's Ancient History
Mrs. Kelley's Ancient History
Currently we are studying the characteristics of the hunter-gatherer societies of the Paleolithic Age. Specifically, how they used tools, fire, basic hunting weapons for survival. We are discovering the destiny of the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons once these two species met...
Ms. Abad's Helpful Homework Hints
Welcome to 6th grade! As we are entering October, classes are in full swing, including homework assignments. Here are a few helpful tips to help you plan ahead and complete your work on time.

Helpful Homework Hints:
1. Use your agenda to keep track of when assignments are due.
2. Packets and problems go home on Monday. Do a little each day-try not to save it all until the end when they are due on Friday for most classes!
3. If you are confused by something, try your best and come to class the next day with questions for the teacher.
4. Keep all of your homework in one folder to keep separate from other papers going home.
Math Tutorial
HI, We've spent some time on practicing finding Unit Rate. This is a skill that will come in handy whenever they are out shopping either with you or on their own. They have been shown two methods to use and are welcome to use either one.
ELA Core with Ms. DeFranco
Welcome to grade 6 ELA Core! We are very lucky to have a brand new curriculum this year! The new program offers us a lot of flexibility and access to many different multimedia activities. As the year goes on I will be adding links to homework and activities on this site. For right now, I'm excited to begin a new year with great resources. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.