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American Museum of Natural History

Do you like science? Here is a wonderful place to explore.

Ask for Kids

This is a great search engine for kids. Just type in your question and you'll get your answer!

Book Adventure

Read books do an activity and earn a prize!

Storyline Online

Want to watch and listen to a great book read by a famous actor? Come to this site and check out the books.


This is a great site for short movies on many topics.

Discovery Kids

Brought to you by the Discovery Channel, this is a fantastic site for kids to 'discover' lots of interesting things.


This is the site for facts about all kinds of stuff: the world, news, U.S., people, math, science, sports...


Great site for playing games!


This is a fantastic place for kids to do just about anything. Try it out.


This is a great search engine created by librarians, just for kids. If you need to search the Internet, start here.

Learning Planet

This is a wonderful place to find stuff according to your grade level. Check it out!

Little Animals Activity Center

This is a site for the younger students. Maybe your little sister or brother. Here you can play puzzles, word games, number games; listen to a story or music; or learn to make crafts.


Want to practice math by playing games? Check this out!


You watch it on TV, now check it out online.

Online Library

Need some information but can't get to a library? Check this out for all the stuff you need to look up.


Looking for Arthur, fetch with Ruff Ruffman or Super Why? Check out this site for these characters and more.

Scholastic Kids

Play games, create cards, and read your favorite books! It's all here for you.

Science News for Kids

This website gives science news for kids 9-14. There is information and pictures on all sorts of science topics plus games and puzzles to play.

Smithsonian Magazine's Kid Castle

Our greatest national museum, the Smithsonian, has created this website for kids full of information about animals, history, science, sports and other cool stuff.

Story Place

Go here for stories in either English or Spanish.

Yahoo! Kids

This is the ultimate web guide for kids. It has a search engine for locating the information you need as well as games, jokes, science info and lots of other cool things.


Like animals? This site shoes the newest and cutest exotic baby animals from zoos and aquariums around the world.

Make Your Own QR Code.net

All things math for kids.