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About Student Council
Student Council is group of Bellamy students who run many parts of the school. This includes dances, hangout nights, 5th grade step up day, and the School Store. At the end of the year, Student Council takes a field trip to somewhere. To join, apply at the start of the year when club papers come out.
Valentines Dance
Valentines Dance
Student Council invites eligible students to "Show their LOVE...for Bellamy," at the The Valentines School Dance.

When: Thursday, February 14th
Where: Bellamy Cafe'
Admission: $5 includes water and snack. Tickets are on sale during ALL 3 lunches. Tickets are limited, so don't wait!! (tickets may NOT be purchased at the door)
**Additional snacks, candy, and Gatorade will be on sale for $1

Selfie Station will be open for students to use props and take their own selfies with their BFF's (No Cost)

Wear your favorite Bellamy Gear, pride yourself in purple and gold, or take the opportunity to dress in your best! Whatever makes you feel good!! (dress code applies)

Ms. Roy's class will also be selling Valentine Trinkets for $5 or less.
School Store
The "Dog Pound" is located in the Bellamy Middle School Cafeteria. We have bark bucks for our some of our non-clothing items. We also have clothing items for money. Also, with new seasons, we sometimes get some new seasonal items.